the best way to see the Phong Nha Ke-Bang National Park

Thang's Phong Nha Riders

The original Easy Riders in Phong Nha.
Motorbike Rental, Mechanic and
Car Services around Phong Nha
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Easy Riders


The safest and easiest way to get around on the a motorbike. Ride with the locals and let them show you the wonders of Phong Nha

Motorbike Rentals

Breakdown services are included, but with our on site mechanics looking after our fleet you shouldn't need them. Good quality helmets included

Easy Riders Phong nha

Mechanic Services

A central location with our experienced mechanics to service or repair your scooter or motorbike. We'll look after your bike like it is our own!

Easy Riders

My name is Thang. I’m a local rider with over six years experience riding tourists around my beautiful home Phong Nha, and our spectacular national park. I have a team that specializes in driving passengers to most of the destinations in Phong Nha area. They are gentle locals who are always cheerful and sociable, they also have extensive experience in driving and will take visitors to tourist destinations such as caves, mountains, waterfalls, valleys in the safest and the most enjoyable way!  Join us for the best trip while in Phong Nha! 


Around phong nha and beyond

Car Transport

Motorbike Rental

Auto Scooter - 1 day


Auto Scooter with fuel - 1 day


Helmet, Raincoat and water included

You are going to love Phong Nha!

Bomb Crater Bar

Stop in at the Bomb Crater Bar for a Swim and Sunset a cold beer or the house specialty, the Rhumango

the duck stop

A non caving experience that is not to be missed. You won't regret it - "A unique experience in rural Vietnam"

The pub with Cold Beer

The freshest chicken you'll ever eat. And the best peanut sauce in the world*